Smooth Brilliant White 80lb
Smooth Ivory (Natural White) 80lb
Linen Brilliant White 80lb
Linen Ivory (Natural White) 80lb
Matte Premium White
Matte Premium Ivory
Matte Yellow Sorbet
Matte Indian Yellow
Matte Pastel Pink
Matte Pink Lemonade
Matte Razzle Berry
Matte Scarlet
Matte Blush (Vellum White)
Matte Cipria
Matte Dusty Rose
Matte Old Rose
Matte Rosebud
Matte Claret
Matte Grapesicle
Matte Lavender
Matte Amethyst
Matte Mist
Matte Biscuit
Matte Stone
Matte Gumdrop Green
Matte Forest
Matte Powder Green
Matte Matcha Tea
Matte Lichen
Matte Sequoia
Matte Mid Green
Matte Racing Green
Matte Sno Cone
Matte Blu Raspberry
Matte Atoll
Linen Haviland Blue
Matte Azure Blue
Matte New Blue
Matte Cool Blue
Matte Steel
Matte Dusty Blue
Matte Imperial Blue
Matte Pale Grey
Linen Antique Gray
Matte Real Grey
Matte Smoke
Matte Deep Black

Create an one of a kind, elegant invitation or DIY project with our premium text weight papers. Text weight is perfect for menus, stationery or layering on a cardstock invitation base.  Suitable for ink jet, laser and professional printing applications. We encourage customers to order samples to test the print-ability of the paper with your home printer.  

Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
Weight: 70-91lb TEXT (118-135 gsm)

91lb Text (135 gsm) - Vellum finish

Colors: White, Ivory, Blush, Dusty Rose, Dusty Blue, Scarlet, Claret, Lavender, Amethyst, Powder Green, Mid Green, Forest, Racing Green, Imperial Blue, Real Grey, Mist, Pale Grey, Stone, Smoke, Yellow Sorbet

80lb Text (118 gsm) - Vellum finish

Colors: Indian Yellow, Old Rose, Rosebud, Matcha Tea, Atoll, Steel , Deep Black, Lichen

70lb Text (104 gsm)- Smooth Finish

Colors: Pink Lemonade, Grapesicle, Sno Cone, Blue Raspberry, Gumdrop Green

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